Report: James Harden wanted to leave Rockets before Daryl Morey departed

James Harden said he lost confidence in the Rockets after coach Mike D’Antoni and general manager Daryl Morey departed. But was Harden wanting out really the first – or at least second – shoe to drop? Tim MacMahon of ESPN: There is so much room for gray area here. D’Antoni spent all season appearing to […]


Acute itching in eczema patients linked to environmental allergens

In addition to a skin rash, many eczema sufferers also experience chronic itching, but sometimes that itching can become torturous. Worse, antihistamines—the standard treatment for itching and allergy—often don’t help. New research from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis indicates that allergens in the environment often are to blame for episodes of acute […]


Keystone Pipeline canceled, let the layoffs begin

The United Arab Emirates say they no longer fear U.S. shale as the Joe Biden Administration begins. Why should they? The incoming President has already signaled that on his first day in office he will sign executive orders to revoke the permit for Canada to build the Keystone XL pipeline and rejoin the Paris Climate […]


The Oculus Quest is getting multi-user support soon

Oculus Quest headsets will soon support multiple users, Facebook has announced. The functionality will allow Quest owners to set secondary accounts on their headsets, which will allow other people to log in and access content shared by the primary user while maintaining separate save data and achievements. The primary account holder will be able to […]


I was so scared of germs I mopped my ceiling and had chemical burns from bleach’

Ruth Hancock used to be so scared of germs that she suffered chemical burns up to her elbows as a result of scrubbing her home with bleach so often. She mopped her ceilings in a bid to make sure every inch of her home was spotless, and had to quit her job as she was […]